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Getting to Know Enova Interns, Featuring Katherine Chen

By: Katherine Chen, S&O Intern


As a Strategy & Operations (S&O) intern at Enova, I had the pleasure of doing the work of a full-time employee and learning the skills that a full-time employee would have. Throughout my internship, I experienced the perks, got to know some awesome people and learned skills in a ...

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Getting to Know our Apprentices

By: James Wilton, Software Engineering Apprentice

How did you get involved with Software Engineering?

My father worked for Packard Bell for most of the time I lived with him, so I was always playing around in DOS, building and upgrading our home system, adding a network connection for gaming, etc. But of course, I had ...

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Getting to Know our Apprentices

Forward by: Blake Thomas, Apprentice Program Supervisor

In a previous post we told you about the changes we’ve made to our apprenticeship program. In a neat turn of events we have an intersection in two series of posts. We’re excited to share with you what is both the next post in both our Getting to ...

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Getting to Know: Tech

By: Griffin Caprio

How did you come to work at Enova?

After exiting my last company, the current Director of IT, Jeff Bagnall, told me about the position with Enova. I wasn’t sure I was the right fit, but he sold me on at least interviewing. After speaking with the Enova leadership over a 4-week ...

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