Getting to Know our Apprentices

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By: James Wilton, Software Engineering Apprentice

How did you get involved with Software Engineering?

My father worked for Packard Bell for most of the time I lived with him, so I was always playing around in DOS, building and upgrading our home system, adding a network connection for gaming, etc. But of course, I had ...

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Enova Team Strikes it Big at Bowl For Kids Sake Fundraiser

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By: Akshay Ekkundi, U.S. Product Manager

On the 28th of April, Enova got together with the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Chicago to host a Fundraiser for the organization. This is an event that we have been doing over the years to support BBBS, but this year we decided to place an emphasis on ...

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Enova Hosts Robotic Programming Event with Code Platoon

16-00416 ENOVA Code Platoon Robotics Hacking Night_1a01

By: Kaitlin Arntz, Public Relations Associate

Earlier this year, Enova became a sponsor for Code Platoon, a non-profit aiming to help veterans transition into the workforce. Code Platoon provides technical training for the full Ruby on Rails stack; that knowledge was put to the test at our exciting and challenging Robotics night at the Enova office.

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What is Product Management at Enova?

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By: Monica SanMiguel, Product Manager, Senior Associate

It takes a village … to launch, raise and maintain a product! At Enova, many departments are heavily involved in the success of our products, from marketing and legal to operations and software engineering. This is consistent with one of our company values: “Top Talent and Teamwork.” We ...

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