A Responsible Lender

We are committed to our mission: helping hardworking people get access to trustworthy credit. We are also dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment, our people and the communities we serve.

Planet Protection

Our online-only business model allows us to limit our environmental footprint. In addition to decreasing paper consumption, we estimate and offset our total emissions by making proportional donations to pollution reduction projects around the globe. For example, we have supported wind power generation in India and Amazon rainforest protection in Brazil.

As part of our commitment, we choose corporate headquarters and satellite locations that are built and operated to reduce environmental impact. Our commuter benefits and accessible locations encourage employees to use public transit.

Our data center partners are also committed to environmental sustainability, energy efficiency, waste reduction and mitigating water consumption.

  • Our headquarters in downtown Chicago is LEED Gold certified.
  • Our Utah location’s interiors are LEED Gold certified.
  • Our Chicago, Denver, New York and Utah offices are ENERGY STAR certified.
LEED Energy Star


People are the driving force behind our business. That’s why we foster an engaging, diverse and inclusive work environment. Enova offers:

  • Competitive pay, benefits and a healthy work-life balance.
  • Tuition reimbursement.
  • Funded continuing education.
  • Leadership development programs.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) impact all aspects of our business, including our goal to attract, develop and retain talent from underrepresented groups. Our business is better with diverse backgrounds, experiences, talents, skills and perspectives contributing to our success.

Learn more about our DEI commitment and the steps we’ve taken to drive diversity, equity and inclusion at Enova.


Enova’s products provide fair, transparent and convenient credit options for millions of people who are likely to be turned down by a traditional bank or credit union. We follow through on our core “Customer First” value with:


We develop fair, transparent products at multiple price points that meet customers where they are in their credit journey and provide them with a positive path forward. We design and develop our products to comply with all applicable product labeling requirements and disclosures.


Our IT Risk Management team carefully monitors data protection as well as privacy risks and practices to ensure data security and customer privacy. We adhere to the latest technology and cybersecurity standards and follow the NIST framework.


Our comprehensive compliance program adheres to federal and state regulations, guiding product development and operations through policies, role-based training and internal oversight, including risk-focused testing and independent audits.


Offering a Path Forward

Our products offer customers the opportunity to improve their financial health. Research shows that individuals with credit scores lower than 680 apply for credit at the same rate of those with higher scores — but are rejected at more than three times the rate. In addition, one-third of our customers report they’ve had fewer opportunities to build credit history over their financial lives.

With tens of thousands of referrals, our NetCredit and CashNetUSA brands provide customers with financial health resources through blog content and partnerships with SpringFour. We strive to not only serve customers in their current financial position, but also prepare them for future financial success.

Supporting Small Business

We’re leaders in online small business lending, providing access to working capital to help businesses thrive.

  • Billions of dollars loaned to small businesses with OnDeck.
  • Thousands of jobs generated from small business funding.
  • Billions of dollars invested in economic activity.

Customers report higher credit scores

making them eligible for lower APRs

We report payment history

to credit bureaus*

*Certain brands report to credit bureaus, including some to the major credit bureaus.

Millions of Satisfied Customers and Counting


Employee-Guided Contributions

We are dedicated to making a positive impact on the communities where we live and work. Through our Enova Gives program, we plan volunteer opportunities for employees and amplify their impact on causes they care about.

Corporate employees are granted one paid volunteer day per calendar year.

Enova matches employees’ donations to qualifying 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations — up to $500 per person each calendar year.

Twice per year, employees vote for two organizations to receive a one-time donation of either $5,000 or $10,000.

Enova donated more than $450,000 to nonprofits in 2022.

Women in Tech

We invest in the growth of our local tech communities. In conjunction with our Women @ Enova affinity group, we founded the Chicago Women in Technology Conference (ChiWiTCon) in 2016. The annual conference highlights the achievements, aspirations and career interests of women in technology.

Corporate Governance Philosophy

Enova is committed to maintaining effective corporate governance practices. Our practices are designed to ensure our Board of Directors are actively engaged in proper oversight.

Board and Committees

It is the general policy of Enova that all major decisions be considered by the Board of Directors as a whole. As a consequence, the committee structure of the Board is basic to meet legal requirements and New York Stock Exchange listing requirements. Currently, these committees are the Audit Committee, Management Development and Compensation Committee, and Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee. Our committees are made up of only independent directors.

Our Board, assisted by its committees, oversees the company’s business and affairs. The Board assures that the long-term interests of our stockholders are being served.


Primary Responsibilities of the Board

Oversees and reviews major strategies, plans and actions.

Reviews and evaluates our performance against broad financial and strategic objectives.

Provides direction, advice and counsel to senior management.

Selects, compensates and evaluates our CEO and other executive officers.

Reviews succession planning for our CEO and other executive officers.

Selects appropriate candidates for election as directors.

Reviews our compliance systems and practices with applicable laws and regulations, including accounting and financial reporting obligations.

Reviews the major risks we face and helps us develop and oversee strategies to address those risks.