Joe DeCosmo Delivers Keynote Presentation at CAO Forum

By: Eddie Rybarski, Copywriter

Joe DeCosmo, Enova’s Chief Analytics Officer, spoke at the Chief Analytics Officer Forum (East Coast) in New York yesterday. His keynote presentation kicked off day two of the two-day conference.

The presentation, Do or Die: Putting Analytics at the Heart of Everything You Do, explored how advanced analytics have enabled Enova to continually launch new products and better understand their customers. DeCosmo also presented case studies that demonstrate how analytics can impact bottom line performance, and how the customer experience can be improved through real-time data analysis.

Joe’s keynote presentation followed Tuesday evening’s panel discussion, Building an Analytics Department: What’s the Magic Formula, of which DeCosmo was a panelist. DeCosmo will also be delivering future presentations at CAO Forum (Europe) in London on March 7, and CAO Forum (West Coast) in San Francisco on May 26.

These presentations come on the heels of the launch of Enova’s Analytics as a Service brand, Enova Decisions, and it’s real-time decision-making platform Colossus™ that allows for data-driven decisions to be made instantly and at scale, helping businesses convert more customers with optimized offers, flag potentially fraudulent applicants, automate verification processes, improve collection procedures, and predict customer profitability.

To learn more about Enova Decisions, check out our website. For information about Joe DeCosmo’s upcoming keynote presentations, head to CAO Forum Europe and CAO Forum West Coast.

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