Enova’s Analytics team to host “Data Smackdown” Meet-up

By Cassie Chico, Sr. Corporate Recruiter

On December 8, Enova will host a data analytics Meet-up — dubbed the “Data Smackdown” — at our office in the Loop. It’s meant to provide an opportunity for any person interested in analytics to experience what it’s like to work with a data set in a real-world scenario.

Enova’s Analytics team uses data analysis techniques and modeling methodologies to boost decision-making processes, which helps to increase profitability and improve the customer experience. The Data Smackdown offers people with varying levels of experience and interest the opportunity to see how analytics can be applied in the case of real-world data analysis. Participants will be able to work independently or as a team, analyzing a data set in a business case.

The Data Smackdown at Enova International is set to take place Thursday, December 8 from 5 – 10 p.m. Attendees should bring a laptop and a power cord, though those without one can work with a team. Additionally, food and beverages will be provided.

Want more information? Contact recruitanalytics@enova.com! Ready to sign up? Just visit the Eventbrite invitation — and reserve your space today!

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