Enova Launches New Innovation Blog

By: Kaitlin Arntz, Public Relations Associate

Recently, Enova launched a new Innovation Blog, dedicated to showcasing our work and giving back to the tech and analytics communities in the areas of technology and analytics. As our head of software engineering, Griffin Caprio, points out in the Enova Innovation Blog’s first submission, “Enova is home to the smartest and most dedicated engineers, statisticians and data scientists I’ve ever had the pleasure working with. For over 12 years the teams have worked on some of the largest and most complex applications, running at a global scale, that Chicago has ever seen. Yet, very little of what we’ve been working on has made it to the outside world. It’s time to change that.”

The Enova Innovation Blog will include in-depth articles, statistical analyses, frequent open source contributions, announcements about workshops and meetups, and more. It will serve as a hub where our tech and analytics team members can share their work and their learnings, and it will also serve as a way to give back to the innovation community. Be sure to check out our regular postings, including a handful that have already been published, like this one from our CTO John Higginson.


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