Enova Goes to the Movies

By Lizzie Clark
Corporate Recruiter
May 22nd, 2013

After coming back from lunch, I see a movie ticket waiting for me at my desk. At first I thought it was someone’s receipt they left from using a gift card at the movies or something. I was completely wrong. This was a surprise ticket from our executive team to see Iron Man 3 in 3D!! We not only rented out the movie theater for our corporate employees, we were able to go together during the work day.

It is so nice that we have executives who support our company growth outside of work. My team and I were taking group pictures with our stylish Iron Man 3D glasses, stuffing our faces with buttery popcorn, and sipping (or spilling) our Cokes. Iron Man 3 was not only action-packed, it made me laugh a handful of times. I would have enjoyed this event even if the movie were horrible. It was a great way to get out of the office for a bit and bond with fellow employees. Thank you, execs!


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