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Two Thoughts on Developing Top Talent

By: David Fisher, CEO March 27, 2014

At Enova, “Top Talent and Teamwork” is one of our five values. While attracting, developing, and retaining Top Talent is hard work, it creates a sustainable business advantage that fuels our innovation and growth. I have written about the many programs we have in place to create an ...

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At the Heart of Enova’s Success: Analytics

By: David Fisher, CEO February 13, 2014

Over the past couple of years, analytics has burst on the scene as one of the top emerging careers. From healthcare to the entertainment industry, companies are realizing the immense value in analyzing big data, and they’re seeking out top talent to fill analytics roles. In fact, Enova’s ...

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Enova Gives: Growing Community Impact in 2013

By: David Fisher, CEO December 30, 2013

At Enova, engaging with our community and each other are key components of our growth.  Our Enova Gives program provides opportunities for team members to improve the lives of thousands in our community.  To maximize our impact in 2013, we focused our Enova Gives efforts on four nonprofits: Big ...

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Enovation = Best Answer Wins


By: David Fisher, CEO November 27, 2013

If there’s one unique aspect of Enova’s culture I’ve seen make the biggest impact in my last 9 months with the company, it’s our ability to rapidly innovate. We are constantly finding new ways to better serve our customers – whether through new products, improvements to existing ...

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