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Enova Leaders: Meet Stacey Kraft, Chief People Officer

In February Enova welcomed Stacey Kraft, our new Chief People Officer. We sat down with her to learn more about her background, leadership style, and experience at Enova so far.

Q: Welcome, Stacey! Let’s dive right in. Why did you choose Enova? A: I wasn’t actively looking for something new, but the more I ...

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Finding the Best Answer

By: David Fisher, CEO

At their core, successful technology companies are leaders. They innovate at the speed of information, setting new standards for their industries to meet and exceed. Enova was built on the mission to expand access to credit, and we are constantly challenging assumptions, evaluating groundbreaking ideas and testing new models in an ...

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We’ve Moved, but Not Far

By: David Fisher, CEO

Chicago has been good to Enova. It’s where we’ve grown as a technology and analytics driven company, it’s shaped our culture of innovation, and it’s where we’ve found talented team members. That’s why when it came time to find a new place to accommodate our growing team and better fit our ...

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Using Fresh Data to Make Real-time Decisions

By David Fisher, CEO

We hear the term “Big Data” a lot these days. It may be an overused term, but the incredible increase in the availability of data over the past ten years is unreal. Technology has enabled the collection of massive amounts of data from an ever-increasing list of sources, and people are ...

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