The Employees That Play Together Stay Together

One of the best parts about working together is that it means we also get to hang out together. We don’t just want to be co-workers, because that would mean Enova would be just a job. So we send our people out to participate together in activities and events around the city both after work and during the workday. It’s important to be able to relate to coworkers at work and outside of the workplace. We believe the right kind of team building makes working together a lot easier and a lot more fun.

Some of our team-building outings this year included:

Cubs game. This season we left the office before lunch to catch the Cubs versus the Cincinnati Reds on a beautiful sunny Thursday. The Cubbies won one for us, but as anyone who’s been to a Cubs game knows, it’s not whether they win or lose, it’s the crazy fun fans have watching them.

Painting class. There’s a little place north of downtown Chicago where we got together to do some hands-on art making along with some samples of wine. With some simple instruction from the teachers to get us going, we ended up coming up with some all right paintings that hang in the office now.

Cooking class. Almost everyone enjoys food, and it’s something we can’t live without. What better thing to share with the other members of your team? A group of Enovans visited a recreational cooking school for a basic class where we learned how to cook a scratch dish from start to finish.

Scavenger hunt. We hired a company to lead some of our people on a city scavenger hunt. The company developed a storyline to tie everything together, and we had to work as a team to collect all of the items on our list and get from one end of Chicago to the other using just a tiny bit of cash and our wits. It was one of the most effective and fun ways we’ve found to bond as a team.

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