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Reflections on WindyCityRails

by Blake Thomas

September 21st, 2012

Windy City Rails opened Thursday morning with an improv session wherein a large crowd of caffeine swilling, somewhat bleary but engaged attendees attempt to flummox a professional improv group, The Chicago Improv Commission, by shouting esoteric jargon when prompted for input. This shouldn’t be a surprise; ...

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Enova’s Robust Benefits Help Employees in a Pinch

September 20th, 2012

At Enova we always strive to offer benefits and perks for our employees to make this an environment for great talent to do their best work.  One of these benefits is our partnership with Parents in a Pinch which helps provide employees with contingency child care when needed in a moment’s notice.  This perk came in ...

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No Limit Code ‘Em

Enova will be holding its first ever hack-a-thon coding competition. Chicago area students are invited.

Register here: http://nolimitcodeem.eventbrite.com/


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