Operating as an Owner at Enova

By Kyle Van Tilburg

When asked to write a blog post about one of Enova’s company values, “Operate as an Owner”, it was quite daunting. I’m an accountant. We crunch numbers, interpret financial statements, and book journal entries — not write blog posts. Operating as an owner, though, requires you to go outside your comfort zone and experience things that you normally wouldn’t, and one of the best things about working at Enova is having the ability to be involved in projects that span outside your typical role. When I think back throughout my time here at Enova, I have had the opportunity to work on various projects and gain experiences that have broadened my knowledge within the organization as a whole. 

When I reflect on my recent work, a major project that stands out is the implementation of a new payroll provider. This project was the definition of Operate as an Owner. It required us to think big, move fast and use resources efficiently. At the beginning of 2019, the payroll team had decided to implement a new payroll partner and bring the majority of the payroll process in-house. Historically, we outsourced our payroll to a vendor, but given the robust nature of Workday (our payroll system), we realized we were able to scale down our 3rd party services and effectively process payroll internally. This required coordination with multiple teams across the organization as well as enhancing current roles in order to facilitate the new process. Over the course of our contract, we will be able to dramatically reduce our overall spend. In addition to the cost savings, we were able to streamline our processes and implement various efficiencies to position our department to be best in class. The hard work and dedication of the payroll team truly embodies what it means to “Operate as an Owner” and deliver a huge #WIN for the company. We are now a year into our new payroll system and can reflect on the benefits from moving to Workday. While there was some adjustment that was necessary, we can see we made the right choice transitioning to a new payroll partner. 

Aside from my own role, I can certainly say that Enova truly recruits and hires great talent. The majority of individuals I work with bring an “Operate as an Owner” mentality to their job every day. I constantly see Enova team members going above and beyond to ensure Enova delivers on its core mission of helping hardworking people get access to fast, trustworthy credit.

I am proud to work at Enova, and believe “Operating as an Owner” is not a solo act. It takes great talent, teamwork, communication, and dedication to ensure our company is delivering on its mission. 

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