Enova Values Series: Being Accountable for Results In and Outside the Office

Enova Values: Being Accountable for Results

by Ticole Miller

One of Enova’s core values is Accountability for Results. Being accountable for results means doing what we say we are going to do. All team members uphold this value in order to meet the high standards set at Enova.

Being accountable for results does not mean being reactive, but taking proactive steps to drive company objectives and goals to completion. In that regard, when working on projects I always try to keep Enova’s objectives and goals in mind versus just the goals of an individual team member. This means viewing everything with a broader organizational lens to ensure that Enova is able to do everything it says it will do. 

When working with other teams, I try to uphold my promises so that the teams continue to trust that the legal team will deliver on its commitments. Communication is a key part of those interactions. Setting expectations upfront and clearly communicating objectives helps to get everyone on the same page and ensures that everyone is working towards the same goal and results. 

I’ve also considered what accountability means in the midst of the protests against racial injustice and police brutality and violence. Because of the horrific videos that have surfaced during the pandemic (really over the last few years), more people have a heightened awareness of systemic racism which continues to persist in this country. This awareness has sparked numerous conversations on racism and injustice, including the necessity for change in many workplaces as well as promises from many companies to further their commitments to diversity and inclusion. Companies must be held accountable for upholding those promises. 

Enova team members must ensure we uphold Enova’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. We must hold one another accountable for creating an environment that values diverse backgrounds and opinions and has no place for racial or other intolerance. We must continue to foster a culture that encourages diversity and actively works towards creating inclusive representation in the workforce and in company leadership. Enova has recently taken another step to fulfill its promise of inclusive representation through the addition of Linda Johnson Rice to the Enova Board of Directors. Our Diversity and Inclusion board has launched six affinity groups and networks: B.L.A.C.K. @ Enova, HOLA@ Enova, Parents @ Enova, Pride @ Enova, South Asians @ Enova and Women @ Enova.

Many Americans have finally proclaimed that black lives matter and they will no longer stand for racism, injustice, and inequality in this country. Enova leadership has echoed this call for our company. We must make sure we do the same and are accountable to one another for seeing this vision through so that we can keep Enova an awesome place to work.

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