Getting to Know: Strategy and Operations

Want to know more about the folks who call Enova home? We asked Strategy Ops Associate Michael Staden our five favorite “get to know you better” questions, and here’s what he had to say:

How did you come to work at Enova?

I would say I followed a path that many don’t in coming to Enova. I took a chance at posting my resume on a job search website just to see what would happen. Not too long after that I was contacted by Enova’s very own Julie Emerson to see if I would be interested in a Strategy & Operations position at Enova. The process took under two weeks, and from there the rest is history!

What do you do at Enova?

I work on the U.K. Strategy & Operations team supporting the U.K. Final Resolution Team, Genesys, and other various projects in the U.K. As a part of this team, I am not only responsible for ensuring my departments and projects run smoothly, but I’m also constantly looking for process improvements to gain efficiency anywhere we can. This helps lead us to a better product for our customers, and ultimately, improved results for our business.

What’s the best part of working at Enova?

Besides the added weight from all the free food — which helps to keep me warm in the winter — the best part of working at Enova is coming into the office every day. Every day you find a new challenge, and get to work with the best people in the business across multiple departments.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

After a recent trip to the Greek islands, I would definitely say the islands of Santorini or Naxos in Greece. The lifestyle and spectacular scenery would be welcome in my life at any time!

What are your top three desert island must-haves?

  1. Music: I can’t imagine being on a desert island without a guitar, relaxing to the mellow sounds of The Rain on KPPX.


  1. Ice Hockey Rink: I know, I know, it makes no sense on a desert island, but it is a must-have for someone who has played hockey his entire life!


  1. Friends/Family: Is it really worth being on a desert island without having someone to share it with?

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