Enova’s Sabbatical Program

Laura (Franklin) Ott, Sr. Corporate Recruiter

At Enova, we have a Sabbatical program where we recognize our employees’ hard work by offering them four weeks of fully paid leave! The Sabbatical program is an opportunity for our employees to recharge. They are encouraged to travel, spend time with family or simply to do something different, away from the grind of the workplace. It is our hope that employees return rejuvenated and with a fresh perspective.

I myself had a unique sabbatical experience!

Ask any new mother about their maternity leave and they will all tell you the same thing — it went by too fast and they wish they had more time off. I was fortunate enough to be able to extend my leave by tacking on my sabbatical that I qualified for that same year. So what did that mean for me? That meant I got 4 extra weeks of watching my new little boy grow, develop and learn about the world around him. 4 extra weeks learning HOW to be mom. 4 extra weeks of attempting to get caught up on my sleep (attempting being the operative term with a newborn). 4 extra weeks of bad daytime TV, grabbing long overdue lunch dates with friends and actually taking my dog for walks (I own a stubborn English Bulldog that doesn’t walk so this was quite the accomplishment). 4 extra weeks to do what a sabbatical is meant for — allow you to get caught up on your personal life, rest and recharge. And that’s exactly what I did (well… minus the resting). I crossed errands off my to do list that had been on there for months and I cleaned my home (REALLY cleaned my home).

Having those 4 extra weeks was the best way Enova could show me its appreciation for my 4 years of service!

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