Enova Values in Practice: Operate As an Owner

By: Kaitlin Arntz, Public Affairs
April 4, 2014

Every company has ideas on what makes for the best approach. For many, these business habits come after years of trial and error, and represent that company’s tested methodologies. The same is true at Enova, where employees are urged to “operate as owners,” treating every job as though it will begin and end with them.

Think Big and Move Fast

As Enova has gotten bigger, thinking big and moving fast has become more and more important. Individual team members strive to make smart, informed decisions and execute them efficiently to make a big impact.

A recent example of this comes from Enova’s IT department, and System Administrator Lead Alik. When a member of his team took it upon himself to find ways to accelerate Enova’s backup process, Alik made sure Dmitriy was recognized. “Dmitriy is one of our senior system administrators, and he took it upon himself to make this improvement. My guys are often thinking ahead on potential problems or ways to make things better.”

Roll Up Your Sleeves

Still, anticipating a problem or solution is one thing, and fixing it is another. When Dmitriy recognized the opportunity for improvement, he still had to track down the appropriate technology to make it happen. According to Alik, “We were particularly happy with Dmitriy’s work on this, because he kept track of when the necessary tech was available, and handled the testing himself. It was basically ready to implement when he brought it to us.”

Use Resources Like They’re Your Own

While Dmitriy’s work led to massive improvements for his team’s efficiency — backups are now handled nine times faster — these are the sort of improvements that Alik has come to expect from his team. “I think my guys have really taken ‘operating as an owner’ into their daily work. They are always looking ahead and anticipating potential issues or fixes. I don’t have to baby-sit them. They handle their work.”

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