Enova Sponsors Panel to Explore Controversial Coding Topics


By Kaitlin Arntz, Public Affairs
January 31, 2014

As a company with a focus on technology and development, it’s important for Enova to play a role in the local tech community. This is why they sponsored the Exploring Controversial Coding Topics panel, where an audience of coders sat down with a trio of experts and discussed some of the more controversial aspects of coding.

Armed with an event-specific hashtag, the audience tweeted their thoughts and questions, allowing the event mediator to relay select tweets to a panel of experts that included Corey Haines, Ray Hightower and Mark Rickmeier. Topics covered included pair programming, remote workers, the equilibrium between coding at work and coding at home, and maintaining a balance in your hiring practices.

“It was particularly useful to hear experts talking about the way they categorize new ideas,” says Emmanuel Sambo, one of Enova’s senior software engineers. “Specifically, Derek Sivers’ idea that your response to new ideas should be either ‘no’ or ‘hell yeah!’ If you only agree to work on the very best ideas, you’ll put all of yourself into every new project.”

Sambo attended the panel with fellow Enova developers Vipul Bhat, Charles Lan, and Todd Pierzina.


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