Enova Originals with Angela Alsterda

314Enova_10yrblogposts_1a01_polaroid_angelaalsterda1. What does Enova’s 10-year anniversary mean to you?

We are doing it right. In a highly-regulated industry that can sometimes be viewed negatively, we have staying power because we do things the right way. We set out from the start to become better at every opportunity, and no matter what challenges the company has faced, we have done exactly that.

2. What’s one way that Enova has really changed in the past 10 years?

We have become a real company! When I started with CashNetUSA in ’05, we had thirty-ish employees on the third floor of an office building that had, admittedly, seen better days. Since then, everything has grown and transformed completely — our location, the talent we hire, the expansion of the benefits we offer, as well as the internal systems we use to get work done, and so much more. We are a company that someone can be proud to work for.

3. What’s your favorite memory from your time at Enova?

So many fun people, so many fun(ny!) memories. One that sticks out is the exciting move from Lake Bluff to Gurnee. I remember that before the move, some of us went to go check out the Gurnee office and the only word that comes to mind to describe how we all felt is “giddy.” We wandered around the huge empty office space admiring the size of the break room, and the brightness of the facility, imagining working here.

When moving day came, no one was surprised to hear that the Lake Bluff elevator had claimed its final victims, trapping some employees with a copy machine on the way out (our last call to the Lake Bluff Fire Station, conveniently located across the street). I will always remember fondly the excitement in the atmosphere that first day in Gurnee — the recharge we all got from the new environment.

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