English Second Language Program

December 26th, 2012
By Lauren Ratcliff, Talent Management

We are happy to announce that our English Second Language Pronunciation and Communication Program is back! Starting on January 8th, selected employees will be participating in an 8 week program with additional one-on-one coaching sessions geared towards not as strong English speakers with more extensive pronunciation issues. The in-class portion will focus on business situations, practicing the vocabulary, and phrasing expected in a professional environment. This includes speaking strategies for avoiding misunderstandings, expressing opinions, asking for clarification, and making polite requests.

Enova has partnered with The Tutorium in Intensive English at UIC to administer this great perk for our non-native English speakers. Additionally, Enova will be covering the entire cost of tuition for our qualified and enrolled employees! We want our teams to feel that we are investing in them and helping them grow as individuals here.  The goal of this course is to help bridge the gap and increase communication throughout Enova!

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