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Getting to Know: Development

By: Kaitlin Arntz, Public Affairs April 15, 2014

Want to know more about the folks who call Enova home? We asked one of Enova’s Senior Software Engineers, Yumin Wong, our five favorite “get to know you better” questions, and here’s what she had to say:

1. How did you come to work at Enova?

I ...

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Enova’s Fred Lee Featured in Built in Chicago

By: Kaitlin Arntz, Public Affairs April 1, 2014

With Enova’s focus on the importance of top notch tech, it meant a great deal to all of us when CTO Fred Lee was recognized by Built in Chicago as one of the industry’s key leaders. Last month’s feature as one of the 5 Chicago CTOs you ...

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Brian Shirai Teaches At Chicago’s Ruby Meetups

By: Kaitlin Arntz, Public Affairs March 26, 2014

When Brian Shirai joined Enova, he knew that Chicago was a central location for many developers who code using Ruby. With the ChicagoRuby group, Brian saw an opportunity to take his work with Ruby outside the confines of Enova, and engage with a variety of different programmers ...

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Enova Tech Conference Leads to Ideas and Insights

On Friday, January 31, the Enova technology teams assembled off-site at the Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza with the goal of assessing 2013’s successes and focusing on the outlook for 2014. Hosted by Enova’s Chief Technology Officer Fred Lee, the all-day conference featured talks from Lee and other Enova tech luminaries like Chad Slaughter, Erik ...

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