Enova U: Beginning of a New Summer with Enova!

By: Cathy Chen, Strategy & Operations Intern
June 11th, 2013

This summer will be my second summer interning with Enova. Last year, I interned with the Digital Marketing team. This summer I will be transitioning to Strategy and Operations. Enova has been a great experience. I’ve learned an incredible amount from my colleagues, supervisors and fellow interns. From working on new projects, presenting at pitch meetings, bonding with my team, and learning to code different computer languages, I was never bored. I took a few breaks playing ping pong with my supervisor in the 15th floor break room.  Enova gave me opportunities to interact directly with vendors and propose new projects that I managed throughout the summer. While presenting to my peers about my projects was intimidating at first, I gained value ideas through their feedback and experience in managing these projects. Going on an architecture tour at the end of the internship with my fellow interns and colleagues was a huge treat! I’m looking forward to learning new things and working on challenging projects with my new team this summer. I can already tell that it’ll be a great one!

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