Anniversary Series: Joanna Burgraf

As Enova celebrates its 20th Anniversary, we will share stories from some of our most tenured team members to highlight their contributions and reflect on the company’s journey.

Name: Joanna Burgraf

Years at Enova: 17

Starting Year: 2007

Can you share what brought you to Enova?

This is a fun story! I was at a friend’s birthday party and his friend, Mookie, asked if I knew any designers. Assuming he wanted a freelancer, I told him I was a designer and handed him a business card. A few weeks later, he reached out and invited me to apply. Mookie was also a contestant on Survivor at the time and we used to gather in the office for viewing parties in the early days. 

What have been the most significant changes in the company since you joined in 2007?

When I started, we were one brand, CashNetUSA, about 80 corporate employees, two offices and were part of CashAmerica. Now we have multiple businesses, 800 corporate employees, five offices across two countries and are listed on the NYSE. Over my time here, it’s felt like I’ve had three or four different jobs versus being at the same place for many years.

What is your favorite Enova Value and why? Has it changed over the years? 

Operate as an Owner is my favorite Enova value. Enova is a place where you can own your projects, your career, the pace of your growth, and so much more. This value empowers each individual team member to think critically about how their work impacts the business. Enova is a dynamic environment where there are almost unlimited learning opportunities. This value encourages us to lean into that professional growth.  

What projects are you most proud of, and why?

Since I joined in 2007, my team and I have been involved in every website and logo design. I’m most proud when the team redesigns and launches a website. This is usually a long-term project where we work cross-functionally to improve customers’ experience with our brands. The Studios team is incredibly talented,  highly skilled and this type of work is where they shine. We have won several design awards for the work we’ve done.    

What are your favorite events or traditions here?

There are three traditions I love. 

My first favorite are the monthly birthday celebrations! We celebrate the month’s birthdays with sweet treats.

I also love Tuesday morning breakfast. This tradition has been going strong since before I started. Aside from a hot breakfast being served, it’s amazing that we support small local businesses when we order each week. 

Of course, I can’t forget about the holiday party!  Once a year, we dress up for a fun evening out. It’s great to see people outside the office to celebrate all we accomplished during the year. 

Any advice for new hires starting their journey with us?

Go talk to people! People at Enova are smart, willing to answer questions and generally helpful. Everyone works hard around here and they are available to answer questions and help if you reach out. 

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