Welcome Enova U Summer Interns!

By: Laura Ott, Sr. Corporate Recruiter / Intern Program Lead

By now, classrooms appear abandoned on most campuses. However, Enova’s offices are anything but empty with the arrival of our Enova U summer intern class!

Students from campuses around the country are packing up their innovative ideas and inquiring minds to join our Software Engineering, Analytics, Strategy & Operations, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, and Talent Development teams to contribute to projects that will help shape Enova’s continued growth and future success.

For 10 – 12 weeks our interns are quenching their thirst for learning by solving organizational challenges and identifying ways to improve processes. All while being exposed to the latest technologies that will fuel their creativity and expand their knowledge beyond what they’ve read in their textbooks.

I’ve been told interning at Enova is almost like visiting home. We have services that will do your laundry, refrigerators stocked to the brim with snacks and beverages, no one judges you if you sleep in late, hoodies and flip flops are the preferred dress code, and there are video and board games galore. Essentially, we have all the comforts of home without a curfew or a nagging parent!

While we do work hard, we also need time to relax and have some fun.  Let’s face it; it’s summertime in Chicago!  After the winter we recently experienced, we want to take full advantage of the warmer weather and have already planned various outdoor events with our interns around the city. And since weekends never quite feel long enough, we also participate in summer hours where employees, as well as interns, are scooted out of the office Fridays at 2pm to enjoy the weekends a bit longer.

I’m anxious to see what inventive ideas and clever suggestions this group has in store for us, and I’m confident this is going to be the most talented, fun, and memorable intern class yet!


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