The Art of the Full Scan 

August 21, 2014
By: Henrietta Dombrovskaya, Software Engineering Technical Lead

Enovans thrive on collaboration. Enova’s development team in particular encourages everyone to foster and share their own unique skills and knowledge. We rely on each other in this way to collectively build and maintain a truly remarkable culture. With sharing in mind and the awareness that not everyone has a database expert at hand, I wanted to touch on something that may be useful to developers seeking to improve the performance of their queries.

Our team often encounters challenges in optimizing Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) queries, but in my experience there are many little tricks you can utilize when you consider just how your database sifts through this information. I’d like to discuss one such example we encountered, and show how these tricks can yield a significantly better result.

Read the original post and more of Henrietta’s insights on her blog, The World of Data.


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