Return to Office Series: Denver

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By Dannita Cue

It is hard to believe that a pandemic forced nearly 100% of our teams to work from home for more than two years. Now, it’s almost surreal to think we’ve finally reached a point where we can safely return to the office. Like many others, I am thrilled to be back in the office with our teams and to be able to work side by side with the best people in the industry. Of course, the initial idea of returning to the office may have caused some to pause and wonder why. Maybe it was the hassle of having a commute, the parking costs, or the idea of having to buy pants without elastic, but for me, those lingering thoughts quickly disappeared the first time we were able to gather in person, again, as a team. You see, magic happens when outstanding teams (like we have at Enova) can come together without barriers. 

This magic I reference includes products of work, but more importantly, the magic is in the culture. We did our best to uphold our culture while being fully remote, and I’d argue we did a pretty stand-up job, but nothing compares to being together. The magic is in the high fives, the pats on the back, the clapping for small wins, and celebrating significant milestones together. It’s the funny inside jokes, learning who people are, and holding each other up on the tough days. The magic is in the FUN that can be so hard to cultivate while you’re sitting at a desk alone at home, but that same fun is easy and natural, and you can feel it the moment you step onto our sales floor. 

I firmly believe that if the magic is there, you can see it in our bodies of work, too. That is why being back in the office has been a game-changer for our teams. It has been incredibly satisfying to see our teams learning from each other, sharing best practices, and being able to bounce ideas off each other without using Slack or scheduling a meeting. We are getting more done and doing it quicker because collaboration is seamless and happening naturally. Every interaction offers a chance to collaborate, pick up a new perspective, or learn something new. These aren’t the conversations happening during formal meetings or over Slack. Rather, these are organic interactions happening in the kitchen, while sharing a lunch table, or during an impromptu coffee break with someone. These are the interactions that take us from good to great to exceptional. 

I am proud of how Enova has adapted to create a balance between nurturing our culture while allowing staff to retain the work and home balance they came to appreciate during the pandemic and while working remotely. It is one of the many ways that Enova and its people continue to innovate daily. I’m incredibly optimistic about our future at Enova and do not doubt that our return to the office has strengthened us into an even greater team!

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