Open Source Workshop at Enova

By: Michelle Waldorf, SW Engineer

Last Saturday, Enova hosted the Open Source workshop — — it was a great success that put minorities on the path to technical achievement.

The 50 attendees, participants and volunteers were of diverse backgrounds, ages and genders. They increased their visibility in the Tech world by contributing to open source projects, and we showed them how SW devs at Enova work!

Chi-Chi Wang, Aleksanda Bondzic, and Fola Akimyemi graciously volunteered the entire day while Alison from Braintree promoted the next Build, Maintain, Grow event. SparkSocial, DevBoot Camp, and Thoughtbot even donated raffle prizes. I had the opportunity to pass around career cards in the kitchen to the many individuals interested in working for Enova!

I would like to thank John for getting the on-site childcare process established for the event. Also, a big thanks to Laura T. and Selga M. for their support in the days leading up to the workshop as well!


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