Enova’s Science Fair Outing at Beidler Elementary

By: Bryant Fortson, Senior Reliability Engineer

Volunteer opportunities are highly valued here at Enova. When Chicago Cares presented our organization with the chance to take part in a science fair, there was no hesitation. Technology is integral to our company, and science plays a vital role in our business and careers. On February 20, our eager group of volunteers hopped on a bus headed toward adventure and excitement at Jacob Beidler Elementary. The purpose of this trip was to engage and interact with students — teaching, sharing and having fun while learning scientific concepts and principles.

Once we arrived, we could feel the excitement in the air. The teachers and staff were extremely courteous and really made us feel at home. The tables were positioned with equipment and materials for us to start setting up the exhibitions. There were several exhibits to work on, and I quickly jumped at the chance to work with the Paper Airplanes exhibit. The plan was to go over the construction of paper airplanes, and demonstrate how forces occurring in nature act upon flight, focusing on lift, drag, thrust and gravity. The energy was palpable and the kids had a blast, asking pertinent questions about why the planes flew or behaved certain ways when thrown. We were able to talk about core scientific concepts, and explain them in ways that the kids could understand and remember.

Ultimately, it’s my hope that we were able to inspire a new generation of scientists and engineers, combining fun with information. I’m truly thankful for the opportunity to not only serve our community, but to work with the staff of Beidler Elementary. I’ll certainly make myself available to Enova Gives in the future, and would jump at the chance to work with Chicago Cares and Beidler again.

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