Diving Headlong into International Marketing

By: Marissa Sutera, Marketing Operations Intern
August 7, 2013

My experience at Enova this summer has been an engaging and unique experience. Working as a marketing intern across all of the company brands, although challenging, has given me the opportunity to make a major impact at Enova. My job has driven me to look beyond the surface of marketing into its inner workings. I’m constantly pushed to think above and beyond and determine how best to optimize marketing processes company-wide.

The environment here is filled with lots of hard working people and plenty of opportunities to make time in busy schedules for a little bit of fun. Whether it’s an outing to a Cubs game or the free breakfast on Monday mornings, there’s no lack of perks at Enova!

I was able to jump right in and work on meaningful and important projects in my internship. It allowed me to learn a tremendous amount at Enova, and I look forward to the additional projects I’ll tackle in the remainder of my time here.

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