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Enova Hosts Event for Chicago Chapter of Global Non-Profit

By: Nicole Frapolly, Manager of Data Services, and Parul Schroff, Lead Software Engineer

This past month, Enova’s corporate office was the destination for a Girls Who Code field trip. Enova coders had the privilege to meet with the young women of the Chicago chapter. Members ranged in age from 6th grade through senior year in ...

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Enova Hosts Black Girls Code Meet and Greet Kickoff Celebration

Enova Hosts Black Girls Code Meet and Greet Kickoff Celebration

By: Stacy Mullins, Software Engineer

Black Girls Code is a non-profit organization whose mission is to expose girls of color to coding, along with bridging the gender gap. Black Girls Code is opening a chapter in Chicago. Hooray! Enova recently hosted our Meet and Greet Kickoff Celebration. Attendees included parents and teachers, along with visitors ...

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Veterans Learn to Code with the Help of Code Platoon

By: Rodrigo Levy, Founder and Executive Director at Code Platoon

Code Platoon was the brainchild of two personal paths intertwining at just the right moment to create a solution for unemployed veterans in the Chicagoland area. Years ago, I was looking to make a career change and wanted to develop my skills in coding. I enrolled ...

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The Product Management Lifestyle

By: Chetan Kapoor, Product Manager

We live in a dynamic, fast-paced world that demands continuous adaptation. Being a passionate learner, I believe we must be in constant motion—communicating, collaborating and evolving. As part of this commitment, I recently had the honor to be a part of the panel at a General Assembly event called “A ...

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