A Successful Safe Haven Workshop

By: Eleanor Flaherty, People Resources Coordinator

Enova had the privilege of joining together with A Safe Haven to offer a career counseling workshop focused on interview tips and preparation skills. Three members of the Enova Recruiting team met with 15 eager program participants who were ready to learn the skills necessary to land the right job!

A Safe Haven is a local Chicago program that Enova has partnered with that provides the tools for individuals to overcome homelessness. Its holistic and scalable model helps people transform their lives from homelessness to self-sufficiency and pride!

We all know that interviewing for a new position can be nerve racking for anyone. However, when you’ve experienced hardship in your life, the pressure to find a job can feel especially overwhelming, A Safe Haven and Enova wanted to partner together to make the interview process just a little less daunting.

Together we reviewed creating your own personal elevator pitch, the best resources to utilize to research a company before the interview and how to handle follow up phone conference or interview. We also discussed the art of power poses! People were doing their best Superman impressions and powerful CEO stances.

After reviewing some materials, we hopped into small groups to practice common interview questions. We covered how to handle tough questions and practiced some of the best ways to respond with confidence and clarity.

The experience was very rewarding for the Enova Recruiting team, and we are excited to continue our relationship with A Safe Haven!

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