At the Heart of Enova’s Success: Analytics

Over the past couple of years, analytics has burst on the scene as one of the top emerging careers. From healthcare to the entertainment industry, companies are realizing the immense value in analyzing big data, and they’re seeking out top talent to fill analytics roles. In fact, Enova’s own Adam McElhinney recently spoke about the trend in a special jobs report on Chicago’s Fox 32 news. *

At Enova, analytics is at the heart of our business. The company was founded on our ability to quickly analyze data to make accurate and efficient credit decisions. Ten years later, our powerful technology platforms and analytical capabilities enable us to better predict customer behavior, innovate new products and features, and improve the customer experience. The speed at which our tools make data-driven decisions is astounding.

Aside from our powerful technology platforms, what really makes Enova’s analytical capabilities so advanced is our people. Among our analytics team members are individuals with Ph.D.’s in industrial engineering, astrophysics and physics, while others hold advanced degrees in mathematics, statistics and computer science. They operate like entrepreneurs, constantly leveraging human insight to guide machine learning and make data purposeful. By embedding themselves directly into the business, frequently interacting with marketing teams, strategy teams and executives, they can quickly turn analytics models into actionable business solutions.

Analytics will continue to drive our decision-making as we expand into new geographies and product lines. I can’t wait to see how our talented team members find even more and creative ways to bring value to Enova and our customers worldwide.

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