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Shut Up and Color

By: Katie Schilling, Developer

Being human is distracting. A constant influx of stimuli from our bodies and the world outside continuously jostles for our limited attention. Our minds have developed powerful neural pathways —called default pathways — to help us focus our attention, but these pathways are mostly geared towards helping us concentrate on physical ...

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Looking for a Win at Enova’s Board Game Night

By: Ismail Koubaytari, Technical Trainer

Have you ever found yourself in a heated board game battle? Well, two weeks ago I did, in a fun little game called Settlers of Catan. As the game was nearing its end, I was feeling pretty good about my odds, and what happens? We end up tying! Still, despite ...

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Enova Tech Conference Leads to Ideas and Insights

On Friday, January 31, the Enova technology teams assembled off-site at the Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza with the goal of assessing 2013’s successes and focusing on the outlook for 2014. Hosted by Enova’s Chief Technology Officer Fred Lee, the all-day conference featured talks from Lee and other Enova tech luminaries like Chad Slaughter, Erik ...

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No Limit Code ‘Em

Enova will be holding its first ever hack-a-thon coding competition. Chicago area students are invited.

Register here: http://nolimitcodeem.eventbrite.com/


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