Bring Your Learning to Life

Are you passionate about gaining hands-on experience in tech? If so, the Enova U internship program is for students like you.


Enova interns put their skills into action — doing real work like optimizing processes and solving business challenges. But they don’t stop there. Our interns team up, use the latest technologies and take part in an experience that goes beyond classroom learning. Due to COVID-19, we continued our 8-week internship remotely in 2021. Check out what some of our interns have done at Enova.

Brooke Pickering

Strategy & Operations
University of Iowa
This summer, I had the opportunity to work as a Strategy & Operations intern on the Align team. I enjoyed my time during this internship because I was able to meet many people and work on three projects that directly impacted my team. Through my Wiki Page Clean-Up project and Automating Email Text project, I helped make processes more efficient and consistent. While working on my KPI Benchmarking project I pulled data and performed a comparative analysis between NetCredit and Align, which helped in showing our team where we need improvement. I enjoyed working on these projects because they helped me better understand how Align and Enova run as a business. It was gratifying to know that something I worked on will have a tangible, positive impact. Thank you again to everyone who helped make this internship experience great.

Camryn Wylam

Strategy & Operations
University of Notre Dame
My project focused on Line of Credit retention. I did a lot of quantitative analysis with data using SQL, which was a beneficial skill I learned this summer. My project culminated in designing a test for a one-time promotion to gauge interest in a new product idea. I enjoyed having creative freedom when brainstorming these recommendations and tests, and I loved having the experience of working on an impactful, real-world project. Everyone on the team was incredibly kind and helpful throughout the process, and I could not have had a better remote working experience! Even though the internship was not in-person, it was still fun connecting with the other interns through weekly gatherings, such as the intern tie-dye event.

Chris Nicholas

Software Engineering
Illinois Institute of Technology
The first two weeks of the internship consisted of a Baseline program where I gained familiarity with the Go programming language and test-driven development. After baseline, I had the opportunity to work with another intern as well as the EDI team on our intern project. The project was an extraordinary experience where we got to add new features to an internal tool used in production within Enova. During the project, I gained a lot of insight into the software development life cycle as well as working with a large pre-existing codebase. This internship experience was made even better by the collaborative and helpful work culture that Enova cultivates.

Hao Zheng

University of Chicago
This summer, I had the opportunity to join the Analytic System & Platform team. My project was about building a Serverless component that integrates with the current underwriting platform. By learning several new concepts, including but not limited to Serverless Computing, Infrastructure as Code, and component provisioning, I was able to provide a new tool that is usable in practice. I enjoyed this opportunity to learn more about several basic but essential skills, including writing decent codes and comprehensive testing, GitHub and communication skills. Although the whole internship is virtual, I was able to talk to different people from different teams, who were so supportive and friendly. It’s a fantastic experience.

James Keane

University of Chicago
This summer, I had the opportunity to work with the Fraud Analytics team. My goal was to improve a model for predicting fraudulent loan applications using electronic bank statement data. Using various data sources, I was able to assess a few different modeling options and arrive at an algorithm that better caught potentially fraudulent accounts. It was an excellent opportunity to harness my data wrangling skills, deploy model building techniques to a rare-event classification scenario, and work with operational parties to optimize a fraud review workflow. It was encouraging to be a part of such a helpful and plugged-in analytics department, despite being virtual. Working at Enova proved to be exceptionally rewarding as I felt my work was appreciated and beneficial to my many wonderful coworkers.

Joseph Somers

Strategy & Operations
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Working at Enova this summer was an overall awesome and unforgettable experience. I interned in the CashNetUSA S&O department, and I learned so much about how the business works. I could see how all the different departments worked together to develop solutions for problems and how these curated solutions affected the company as a whole. Not only was it a learning experience, but it also gave me opportunities to contribute in impactful ways on pertinent projects within the department. Even in a fully remote setting, I could still feel the collaborative culture and strong sense of community that is present at Enova, where ideas can come from anywhere.

Lisa Cao

Software Engineering
University of Michigan
My internship at Enova was an invaluable experience professionally, technically, and personally. I learned how to work in a collaborative, agile environment. One of my biggest takeaways is not to be afraid to ask questions. I also gained experience working with different technologies and systems. After the internship, I feel more confident in myself as an engineer and coworker.

Madison Niederer

Software Engineering
Illinois College
I had the opportunity to work on the EDI team, adding functionality to the existing ODI Client through backend development using Go. The project gave me meaningful experience writing production code and working on a team in Agile development. I also interacted with new tools and technology for the project, including test coverage tools, Amazon Elasticsearch and AWS Lambdas. Beyond this, my favorite part about working at Enova is the company culture. Despite being a remote internship, I made valuable connections with other software engineers and enjoyed going to weekly team hangouts, intern bonfires, coffee chats and group lunches. Overall, my internship at Enova was a valuable experience and helped me gain confidence in my abilities as a software engineer.

Mucong (Collin) Li

University of Chicago
I had the best internship experience ever. My project was to build an account review model for one of the small business loan products to determine customers' eligibility for a credit line increase. The model predicts the loan performance of established accounts using various sources of payment and credit data. By comparing it to the current rule-based approach, the model was able to identify opportunities to add value by reducing risk, improving profitability and enhancing customer experiences. The project used SQL, R and Python; and I was able to apply my statistics and machine-learning skills to solve a real business problem and bring value to the company. In addition, the best part of the internship is the people I’ve met along the way. I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with a team with wisdom, vision, kindness and humor; and work in a collaborative, impactful, and agile environment where I found the answer of what kind of company I’d want to work for.

Nila Pugazhendhi

Software Engineering
University of Michigan
Working at Enova this summer was a great learning experience. We started with our two-week training on Git, GO, and Vue to prepare us for our project. I worked on an auditing compliance tool with another intern. This project allowed me to strengthen my GO skills, work more with Git commands, and experience working with agile development and the professional SDLC. I loved the internship because the project we worked on was not just “busy work'' — stakeholders and bank partners will use it. Everyone was very welcoming and eager to help which made the internship very enjoyable and comfortable. I’m thrilled that I was able to intern at Enova this summer!

Rohan Katakam

Software Engineering
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
During Enova’s baseline training program, I was provided with a well-structured introduction to Go, Vue, and TypeScript. After the first few weeks of training, I was able to put all of the technologies I learned into practice. My team was responsible for creating a full-stack web application dashboard for Enova’s UAT On-Demand command-line interface tool. Overall, Enova’s internship experience provided me with a wealth of practical experience using modern web technologies, using robust and effective testing practices, and working in an agile team environment. I am very grateful for the relationships I built and the technical experience I acquired working at Enova this summer!

Sijia Du

University of Chicago
My eight-week internship has been incredible. I have learned about model building, researching and code writing from the technical side; and how the company operates from the business side. Everyone in and out of the Analytics team is very willing to help answer any questions and tell you about their business. I have gained so much more than I would expect in an internship. Although we had the internship remotely, the whole process was super smooth, from the recruiting to the presentation and documentation. I can tell how much Enova values each intern, and the company wants to make the eight weeks fruitful for us. I am super grateful to everyone who engaged in this intern project!

Simon Balisi

Strategy & Operations
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
I got to support NetCredit's Bank Team as a Strategy & Operations intern this summer. It was a great opportunity because I wanted a more business-focused role than at school, where I study engineering. Throughout the eight weeks, I talked to so many different people, learning how NetCredit and Enova function overall and on an individual level. My manager was also a huge help for learning about the Bank Team and NetCredit's products. By the end of the summer, I had revised several workflows and built out the current bank framework; this improved the operation's efficiency while reducing the risk for error. Overall, this internship taught me so much I couldn't have learned at school, so I am grateful to have spent the summer with Enova!

Will Boland

Software Engineering
Indiana University
Working as a Software Engineering intern at Enova was a wonderful experience. Our Baseline (training) was very well structured and helped us learn the technologies we would need for our internship assignment. Our project took us through many technologies, such as GO for our backend and Rails as our front-end. I also gained experience with deploying containerized applications to their host. Everyone was super nice and extremely helpful any time I needed help. Overall, I had a wonderful internship experience at Enova and would recommend it to anyone looking to further their knowledge.