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Are you passionate about gaining hands-on experience in tech? If so, the Enova U internship program is for students like you.

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Enova interns put their skills into action — doing real work like optimizing processes and solving business challenges. But they don’t stop there. Our interns team up, use the latest technologies and take part in an experience that goes beyond classroom learning. Due to COVID-19, we switched to an 8-week remote internship in 2020. Check out what some of our interns have done at Enova.

Alex Prascak

Software Engineering
University of Florida
I had a great experience working for Enova as a Software Engineering Intern this summer. After two weeks of training, my team started building our API with Go and our front-end with Vue. It was a great project that gave me a lot of solid experience with agile development and the professional software development life cycle. I learned PostgreSQL, Go, Redis and Vue, as well as how to write cleaner, more efficient code. Everyone I interacted with was eager to help and wanted me to succeed. Enova provides a great overall internship program for anyone looking to be a professional software engineer.

Brea Beals

University of Chicago
This summer I had the opportunity to work with the Portfolio Analytics team. My primary project was to establish whether a new source of data provided incremental value over the existing model inputs. By building a model to predict loan performance, using the new data and comparing it to the current model, I was able to establish some opportunities to add value to the company through improved predictions. I really enjoyed this opportunity to apply machine learning skills that I’ve been studying and learn how to turn model predictions into value for a company. Even though my internship was virtual, everyone at Enova was friendly, encouraging and extremely helpful. Working at Enova was an amazing experience that was both educational and fun!

Elisabeth Finkel

Software Engineering
Cornell University
My internship at Enova provided invaluable experience in software engineering and agile development. This summer I had the chance to build an internal tool from scratch in order to store and provide access to the data that some of Enova’s products use to make decisions. It was great that the team I was embedded in could find us a project idea that had real stakeholders and that we had the opportunity to drive the entire project — from infrastructure provisioning to implementation and deployment. When we were looking forward to starting in March, the pandemic suddenly shut down the office; however, our recruiters and intern captains were able to restructure the internship to be not just viable, but also enjoyable and valuable for everyone!

Flannery Thompson

Software Engineering
University of Texas, Austin
This summer at Enova was an amazing learning experience both technically and professionally. I loved working in an agile development environment and working on back-end web development. Using Go and Neo4j was fun to learn and I felt really supported as I implemented them in our team's project. It was really interesting to learn how to apply concepts I learned in school to real-life fintech problems! In my team, I had the opportunity to work with other interns, as well as full-time software engineers, and learn from all of them. This collaborative and supportive atmosphere helped me become the best engineer that I could be this summer!

Henri Hegemier

Software Engineering
Denison University
I worked on the NetCredit Line of Credit team this summer with two other interns. Our job was to overhaul the underwriter back-end, creating a new platform that allowed for greater scalability and coordination with the Analytics team. I'm proud to say that this was a success. We were able to put our code into production in the last week of the internship and actually watch it underwrite customers in real time. This was an excellent experience and everyone — from my manager to the various employees we met over coffee chats — was an excellent resource or simply a great person to talk to. The tech at Enova is also a huge bonus. We had the privilege of learning and working with modern languages such as Golang as well as the Neo4j platform. Overall, Enova has a great combination of tech and culture that made for an excellent summer.

Joseph Cochran

Software Engineering
University of Akron
This summer I was lucky enough to work on a project called The Gatherer. The Gatherer is used to store and gather lots of data efficiently. During the internship, I learned that everything involved in my project was something completely new to me. I was able to work with Golang, Apache Kafka, Redis, AWS S3 and Terraform. They were all extremely fun to learn, and luckily, I had a bunch of people I could go to for help! It also felt awesome to work on a project that would actually be used. Although online, the recruiters and intern captains provided an environment where all the interns could still get to know each other, which was awesome! I'm very happy I interned at Enova this summer!

Matthew Baeckelandt

Software Engineering
Georgia Tech
This summer I worked as a Software Engineering Intern on the Brazil team. It was a blast learning and using new technologies such as Go, Kafka, Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL. In addition to writing code, we also learned Enova's practices and standards in testing, deployment and the development process. Despite being remote due to COVID-19, we still participated in weekly bonfires as interns, where we learned about Chicago architecture, played games and even had a mock “Shark Tank” competition! Enova is a great place to intern. They gave us a phenomenal professional and social experience.

Michelle Cheng

Software Engineering
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
This summer I worked on Mapping Portal, which was used to automate and consolidate accountant edit requests to the general ledger and cost center tables. From day one, everyone I interacted with was super kind, and it really made the experience. My intern captain was really good at guiding the project but also allowed us to grow on our own. I was learning Vue on the fly and was able to pick it up so quickly due to our team communication. I learned so much from Golang, PostgreSQL, Docker, Vue with Jest and Cypress Testing. I didn't know what to expect from a remote internship, but this really blew me away. Everyone was super willing to help and I'm so glad I picked Enova this summer.

Noah Cooper

Software Engineering
University of Michigan
This summer I worked with the ASI team on a full-stack web application called Mapping Portal. Although remote, I couldn’t have asked for a more rewarding experience! Through developing the project, I got to learn technologies like Go, PostgreSQL, Vue and Docker. In addition, I also learned a lot about working on large-scale software projects in teams, and it was a great experience collaborating with my awesome teammates and intern captain. It was humbling to work on a project that met real business needs and was able to be deployed into production. Finally, I loved the culture and values at Enova, and everyone was extremely welcoming. Looking back, I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my summer anywhere else!

Oliver Li

Strategy & Operations
University of Michigan
This summer I had the opportunity to work as a Strategy & Operations Intern on the Enova Small Business team. I really liked that my team was small and close-knit, which allowed me to form a strong bond with them and work on several projects. S&O truly was a very collaborative role, and I'm honestly amazed at how many cool people I was able to meet and work with. Most of my time was devoted to improving the Account Home for Headway Capital. I enjoyed the project because I was able to make concrete product recommendations and flesh out those recommendations into actual prototypes within the span of my internship. It's really gratifying to know that the features I came up with will actually be implemented and that my work will have a tangible, positive impact on the business and its customers. Thank you again to everyone who made the internship despite trying times. It was truly a great experience.

Owen Ellis

University of Kentucky
This summer I had the opportunity to work on developing a model validation framework in both R and Python for Enova's Model Governance Management within Portfolio Analytics. This gave me the opportunity to work on some important aspects of the modeling process that I did not get exposure to during school. Along with the technical experience I gained, I was able to build a tremendous amount of practical workplace experience from working with a very knowledgeable manager and many other helpful individuals. I enjoyed working in a fast-paced environment and feeling as though my work would be valued by many people, even after my internship ends.

Serena Xiong

Software Engineering
University of Michigan
This summer I had the rewarding opportunity to work at Enova as a Software Engineering Intern. At the start of the internship, we spent two weeks learning the basics of Go. Then, I worked with another intern to build an API as our project for the summer. I learned a lot about Go, databases and Kafka. Enova also follows agile development processes, and that was cool to learn about and be a part of. Even though this year’s internship was virtual, I never felt as though I was missing out on learning, and I still had a great time. I could not have asked for a better virtual summer internship experience.

Vincent Nguyen

Software Engineering
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
This summer I got the opportunity to work as a Software Engineering Intern on Enova’s NetCredit Line of Credit team. The main project was moving the NetCredit underwriter from EDM (Enova Decisions Manager) to ODI (Open Decisions Infrastructure). It involved a lot of work writing Cypher queries in Neo4j to create a graph database flow that would be used for ODI. It also involved modifying and creating files in NetCredit’s NC Orchestrator software package. I learned many useful skills, such as developing robust unit tests, writing clean Go code and using Postman to debug our Neo4j flow. Overall, the online internship experience was much better than I had ever expected, and I really enjoyed both the work I did and the relationships I was able to build.