Bring Your Learning to Life

Are you passionate about gaining hands-on experience in tech? If so, the Enova U internship program is for students like you.


Our interns quench their thirst for knowledge by identifying process improvements and solving organizational challenges. They utilize the latest technologies while working in teams over a period of 10 – 12 weeks. It’s an experience that goes beyond what they can learn in the classroom. See what some our past interns have done at Enova.

Alicia Tsai

Software Engineering
University of California, Berkeley
This summer, I worked with two other interns on the Enova Decisions webpage. I learned so much this summer from building webpages and using AWS to the Agile workflow. I've had a phenomenal experience working under an amazing intern captain who guided me along the way, answering any questions I had, giving constructive criticism, and overall being a great mentor. The project was challenging and engaging, and seeing our work in production was very rewarding. Everyone at Enova was incredibly welcoming and the intern program was packed with fun events. I would not have chosen to spend my summer anywhere else.

Andrea He

University of Chicago
I worked as a Portfolio Analytics intern and focused on CashNetUSA. My main project involved building a loan application model that aims to save underwriting costs. I had the opportunity to brainstorm the design of the model from scratch with the team, collect relevant data, conduct feature engineering and selection, and experiment with various machine learning algorithms. It was a truly rewarding experience, where I got to work with an incredible group of people, take ownership of my project from day one and contribute to a project that will be put into production to create real business impact.

Arpan Venugopal

Northwestern University
This summer I had the opportunity to work on some cool analytics projects with the Research, Architecture and Platform team. My primary area of focus was to use text analytics and topic modeling to identify the categories of email sent by NetCredit customers to customer support. I also extended the functionality of the internal model building engine goliath (built in R) by developing a Python wrapper for Goliath to integrate workflows across Python and R. My 12 weeks at Enova were challenging and fun at the same time. I was given complete ownership of my projects — giving me a chance to develop my project management skills. At the same time my mentor, teammates and everyone at Enova was available with the right guidance whenever it was required. I also had a lot of fun at the intern events, analytics offsite and team outings. Enova is a wonderful place to work and I couldn't ask for a better summer internship experience.

Claire O’Neil

Miami University
Software Engineering
Working as a Software Engineering intern at Enova this summer was an amazing experience. After spending two weeks in baseline training, learning Go and test-driven development, we dove into our intern project. My intern team and I got to use AWS for our project, while surrounded by talented developers who helped us if we needed it. Overall, this experience allowed me to grow as a developer and improve not only my technical skills but also my professional skills.

Claudia Westby

Fordham University
Software Engineering
My summer as a Software Engineering intern at Enova was more than I could have expected it to be. First, we spent two weeks learning Vue.js so that we could feel confident to dive into our project. Then we spent the rest of the time working on our project as a team of three. It was nice to work on a project that the Enova Decisions Cloud team was openly excited about. Through this project I not only learned a new language and framework, but I also learned a lot about the software development lifecycle. My time at Enova was valuable because I had a lot of fun while also gaining confidence in being a future software engineer.

Eduardo Gonzalez

University of Illinois, Chicago
Software Engineering
Working at Enova as a Software Engineering intern was a great and incredibly useful experience. After a two-week boot camp to learn Go, I and two other interns were given a project to work on. The project's goal was to make loan processing easier for Enova's representatives by breaking down the steps into smaller pieces and tracking their completion. What made the project so great was that it was not a throwaway project, but rather something that was actually going to be used. As a result, I got the chance to experience what it is like to integrate with existing apps, write industry-level code, and work with other teams (all of which were really easy to talk to and get help from). Overall a great experience, and one that taught me a lot more than I expected going into it.

Jeyoung Kwon

Purdue University
Software Engineering
Interning at Enova was an awesome experience. After two weeks of training, we started working on a project that had real business impact and was a great learning opportunity. On top of working with innovative technologies such as Go and AWS, we learned industry software engineering practices. The company culture is very friendly but also empowering. I would recommend interning here to anyone aspiring to become a professional software engineer.

Lindsay Ladewig

Loyola University
Software Engineering
This past summer, Enova gave me a wonderful opportunity to experience working as a Software Engineering intern. After a training period to learn Go, my team members and I built out an API, something I had never done before. I learned a ton about Go, the Agile development process, databases and Kafka. In addition to this, I participated in a lot of Enova events where I got to learn more about what other teams at Enova were working on and hear full-time employees share their expertise. I loved the supportive environment that encouraged employees to learn and grow! I really enjoyed my time, and I would recommend interning at Enova as it is an absolutely incredible experience.

Maggie Corbett

Georgia Tech
Strategy & Operations
This summer, I got to work as a Strategy and Operations intern on the NetCredit Line of Credit team. The product was launched only a week before I started, so I had the opportunity to work on a lot of high-impact projects. My main project was analyzing and optimizing the application process for customers offered two products through NetCredit. I also got to work with the customer support center to facilitate knowledge on the new product and ensure quality of customer interactions. My team was very supportive and helpful, and I felt like I was able to make a big impact in only a short amount of time.

Piper Wolters

Western Washington University
Software Engineering
During my internship, I developed a flexible customer notification service that consolidated existing logic and implementation. The app connected to various third-party and in-house services. The project was built, thoroughly tested and refactored several times to ensure a clean, reliable and easy-to-read codebase. We used several different resources for visual stats, debugging, logging and during-development testing. I also contributed to a few ongoing services, one of which was the destination for our app’s outgoing data. I learned new programming languages, improved my problem-solving skills, and got experience working and using tools in a professional environment.

Sean Luo

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Software Engineering
This summer I worked on NOAA Maker, a back-end notification microservice that consolidated notifications from Leads and Portfolio. The biggest surprise to me this past summer was how much responsibility I was trusted with right off the bat. My project directly interacted with thousands of customers every week. I was also tasked with integrating a handful of third-party services that I had never worked with before. While it was a little intimidating at first, everyone at Enova was more than welcoming with helping me when I got stuck. I never felt like I was out of place by asking a question about something I didn't know. By the end of the summer, I learned an entirely new programming language (Go), worked with AWS, Kafka, and SQL to name a few services, and gained experience with software practices that I would have never gotten to in school. Interning at Enova was a great experience that I'll always be thankful for.

Steven Emmel

Purdue University
Strategy & Operations
For my summer internship with Enova, I was on the Strategy and Operations team for CashNetUSA. I primarily focused on collections and settlements processes. Some of my work includes consolidating the customer outreach map and developing a data-tracking model to give more insight into the settlement process. The work I did was interesting and challenging. It was great to see how the complicated processes within the company can be, and how I can contribute to helping ensure the longevity of the business. My work consisted of using new skills that I learned throughout the internship, such as developing a broader knowledge in SQL and creating data visualizations in Microstrategy. It was a great summer because I had the opportunity to work independently, but also be supported by great colleagues. Everyone at Enova was incredibly helpful in maximizing my experience as an intern from learning different technical skills to understanding how different roles within the company contribute to an overall successful organization.

Tony Colucci

Northwestern University
I worked this summer with the Fraud Analytics team, where I gained a lot of valuable experience and worked on engaging problems throughout my internship. My primary project was to build a machine-learning model that could detect customer accounts that had been taken over by fraudsters. This open-ended project provided an opportunity to apply my technical skills and explore what trends indicate a valid account or a fraudulent account. Additionally, I investigated performance of loan applications with certain IP and ISP characteristics to determine what rules would best limit our risk of fraud. Overall, these projects gave me a better idea of how Enova detects fraudulent applications and how those processes affect the core business. During my time, I found the Enova work environment to be fun and collaborative, with friendly, helpful coworkers who helped make this a great summer!

Zach Dale

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Software Engineering
I had a great time working as a Software Engineering intern at Enova this summer. Right off the bat we were put in the baseline training program to get us up to speed on the specific tech we’d be working with. I worked with two other interns on creating a unified Enova Decisions Cloud front end using Vue.js and AWS. This was a really cool project to work on and I gained a lot of insight into how software is actually developed, deployed and maintained by a team of people. Learning to collaborate across multiple domains (such as PMs, creative, consultants) to solve problems was challenging but proved rewarding. My favorite part about working at Enova was how encouraging and friendly everyone was!