Our interns quench their thirst for knowledge by identifying process improvements and solving organizational challenges. They utilize the latest technologies while working in teams over a period of 10 – 12 weeks. It’s an experience that goes beyond what they can learn in the classroom. See what some our past interns have done at Enova.

Adrian Diaz

University of Chicago
As part of my summer internship, I worked with the Portfolio Analytics team on updating the model used to manage the ACH payments. This included learning the operational details of the ACH system, diving into interesting modeling tasks, and evaluating the advantages and caveats of different machine learning algorithms. It was a great opportunity to apply what I learned in school in a way that makes a discernible impact on the business’ operations. As an international student, I was also able to familiarize myself with (and enjoy) Enova’s office culture and the summer season outings such as the kayak architectural tour in the Chicago River and the Analytics team's sailing outing.

Adrian Sommer

University of Chicago
This summer, I worked on several programming projects as a member of the Research and Platforms team. On one project, I developed a Python application which builds and retrains machine-learning models at various frequencies in order to find optimal retraining frequencies for different model types across different products. Another project involved implementing an AWS SageMaker/Docker cloud solution which processes and scores massive data sets. In addition to gaining a great deal of hands-on programming and modeling experience, I enjoyed meeting and working with numerous members of the Analytics team. Everyone was always willing to share their knowledge and experience, and it was great being part of such a collaborative environment.

Christa Spieth

Northwestern University
My summer working in Fraud Analytics was not at all what I expected. I wasn’t just given a toy project to keep me busy. Thanks to my manager, I was able to explore my interests in both projects and specific tools. I wanted to learn more about Jenkins, so I helped migrate models to the service. Later, I was interested in creating data visualizations, so I used MicroStrategy to create dashboards for FraudOps and the UK products. I had the freedom to work independently and the ability to reach out to anyone for help. Enova and the people who work here provide a supportive and comfortable environment that allows you to do your best.

Nupura Mohite

Illinois Institute of Technology
This summer I got the opportunity to work at Enova as a BI intern. Being an intern, I didn't imagine that I would be part of so many wonderful projects. I got an opportunity to work with such amazing talent and learn many new technologies that I had not used before. Everyone was welcoming, and I had a great experience working with such a cool team. Things here are informal, which really helped to get my questions answered quickly, and I had great exposure to a wide array of technologies. My Enova experience was filled with lots of learning, achievements, networking with the most amazing talent out there, and many fun-filled outings.

Varun Gupta

Northwestern University
I spent the summer with the Portfolio Analytics team looking at existing processes and models for the main UK loan products. The focus was on evaluating the impact of not integrating historical loan data across the different loan products, as well as considering potentially different customer acquisition strategies with lead providers. I was challenged across my work to improve my SQL abilities and to quickly learn how to source a variety of data from Enova’s databases. I also had the opportunity to better understand the current business needs and constraints and to present to business leaders. I had an incredible time with so many quirky, fun people, and I thoroughly enjoyed the various intern events and daily planks with the RAP team.