Love How You Learn

If you’re an undergraduate student passionate about developing skills that will last you a lifetime, the Enova U internship program is designed for you.


Our interns quench their thirst for knowledge by identifying process improvements and solving organizational challenges. They utilize the latest technologies while working in teams over a period of 10 – 12 weeks. It’s an experience that goes beyond what they can learn in the classroom. See what some our past interns have done at Enova.

Aayush Agarwal

Software Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University
As an Electrical and Computer Engineering major at Carnegie Mellon, working as a full-stack developer wasn’t something I had much experience with. After just a few weeks at Enova, I was thrown straight into production-level codebases, which allowed me to develop my technical abilities in all aspects of front-end and back-end development. Along with improving my technical skills, I learned a lot about agile development, test-driven development and even a little about project management.

Adam Ashkenazi

Strategy & Operations
Northwestern University
Throughout this summer, I have had a great opportunity to develop my analytical and technical skills while working with motivated and supportive teams throughout Enova. I have been able to design an income verification process for the call center to quickly and accurately process certain types of loan applications. I've truly had the chance to “Operate as an Owner” while creating the internal process, building an analytical model and creating a plan for testing.

Aidan Coyle

Software Engineering
University of Michigan
As an intern at Enova, I've been able to work on some really interesting projects. After completing our training — which taught us Ruby on Rails, test-driven development and general best practices — I got to work on a search engine optimization project for NetCredit. Then I worked on a team with other interns to build a code coverage server to use with our automated test suite. I really enjoyed working with other talented developers and practicing agile development.

Alexa Hanelin

University of Chicago
My time as a Marketing Intern at Enova allowed me to approach traditional marketing from a data-driven standpoint. I joined the NetCredit Marketing team at a time of rebranding. From direct mailings to online advertisements, every marketing medium was adapting systematically. One of my many projects was to handle the retention campaigns, geared towards customers who had prior experiences with NetCredit. At the end of my 10 weeks, I found that my individual projects contributed to the team's success. I felt extremely supported by my manager and buddy. The internship was truly enjoyable, and the skills I’m walking away with will help me for years to come.

Amrutha Sivakumar

US Strategy & Operations
University of Michigan
I was able to work hand-in-hand with the CashNetUSA Strategy & Operations and Call Center Collections teams to not only roll out a new compliance process, but also to re-evaluate whether the organization's current processes for implementing process changes are effective in the first place. It has been a blast to work with so many different teams and stakeholders in the company to carry out my ideas, and bring my passion for project management to a more analytical role. It's been an incredible summer, living in Chicago and interning at a company that's taught me a tremendous amount about how to work hard for successful results.

Austin Schwartz

Software Engineering
Purdue University
Interns at Enova don't just do boring work that ends up being thrown away when the summer is over. We do meaningful, important work. This summer, I was given the opportunity to work with the other interns on a code coverage tool we called Tirith. This tool integrates with Travis CI and Github to help developers make sure their code is properly tested. We also worked for a short period of time on the NetCredit team. I learned a lot, had a lot of fun and am very grateful to everyone here for this wonderful experience.

Dana Katz

Software Engineering
University of Chicago
This internship was my first experience working in software engineering, and it exceeded all of my expectations! I really enjoyed participating in the agile development process and working with a full-stack team. The projects I contributed to have allowed me to improve my front-end skills, taught me how to write and refactor tests, and gave me the opportunity to learn from many talented developers. These experiences, combined with the fun company culture and events, made for a great summer at Enova!

Graham Schilling

Software Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University
As an intern at Enova, I had the opportunity to develop many technical and professional skills that will help me in the near future. The training program, LevelUpRails, complemented many of my technical skills, and joining a full-time development team allowed me to use these skills to contribute to production code. Besides these technical advances, I learned many intangibles about agile development, communicating and working on a team. Software companies depend on their people and technology, and Enova simply does it right.

Kara Fasone

Organizational Development
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
Shortly after joining the team, I was given two processes to own: the enhancement of the “Enova Explore” job shadowing program, and a creative overhaul of the operations leadership knowledge forum — the company’s continuous learning platform for Operations Managers. I was also actively encouraged to contribute ideas, enabling me to develop and propose a deeper statistical analysis of our employee opinion survey. The innovation and collaboration characteristics of Enova’s culture have allowed me to “Operate as an Owner,” and further develop the skills I’ve identified as most important to my career — something I'm truly grateful for.

Kevin Shang

Financial Planning & Analysis
University of Chicago
During my internship, I updated and delivered weekly finance pitches for our CashNetUSA product. In addition to this, I updated our financial models for the product using data from Accounting. Through these processes, I acquired many new skills and gained a greater understanding of not only how financial projections are made, but also how Enova’s business is driven as a whole. It was a great experience, and I feel lucky to have worked with such a talented and supportive team.

Kevin Weithers

University of Notre Dame
My summer internship project was a marketing campaign data mart. Combining data from hundreds of Excel spreadsheets and various relational databases, this new data mart allows marketing campaign data from various channels to be stored in one location and analyzed more efficiently. The data mart gives the Marketing Analytics team the ability to examine interaction effects between campaigns running simultaneously, and determine the most effective combination of contacts for specific clusters of customers.

Manish Mahawar

University of Illinois at Chicago
I enjoy the culture of Enova and love being a part of it. As an Analytics Intern at Enova, the journey has been great in each and every aspect. It's great to be a part of the Fraud Analytics team, and it’s even cooler to be called a Fraud Analyst. I have been given a great opportunity — to build a fraud engine for one of the product lines. It will be very useful, and save money for the business. I am really impressed with the opportunities I’ve had to learn new things, especially modeling techniques. In short, it was a summer very well spent at Enova.

Monica Curry

Software Engineering
University of Michigan
As a Computer Science major at the University of Michigan, I have developed a strong foundation in software engineering. My internship at Enova has allowed me to both strengthen my existing skills and expand my knowledge in the field. At Enova, I have been exposed to numerous technologies and resources that enabled me to contribute to both front-end and back-end code. Additionally, working with other interns on a project to obtain and display code coverage data has given me an opportunity to contribute to the development process and maintainability of the code base in a meaningful way.

Nick Paras

Northwestern University
As an Analytics Intern this summer, I developed a new identity verification model for the UK, and designed tests to evaluate its effectiveness. Along the way I learned new statistical techniques, expanded my predictive modeling and machine learning capabilities, and further developed my coding skills. From the first day, I was encouraged to take ownership of the project and make my own decisions about the direction we were headed. The people I worked with — both within my team and beyond — have provided a tremendous amount of support, and made it possible for me to solve a real business problem with immediate value, while simultaneously having an incredible learning experience.

Pranav Moktali

Software Engineering
University of Illinois
This summer internship has been a source of a lot of learning. It’s refreshing to work in a corporate environment compared to working on projects in grad school. Having worked as a software engineer before, I took up the Enova internship thinking I would enjoy working on Ruby on Rails. But the company has so much more to offer! I’ve brushed up my skills on Rails and learned many new things. One of my major focuses in grad school is user interface design, and I was happy to know there are so many UI/front-end project people working at Enova. I was able to contribute to a major redesign of NetCredit and work on a capstone project where we built everything from scratch. All in all, I had a wonderful summer and learned a lot!

Rishit Agrawal

Northwestern University
Prior to interning at Enova, I was always in search of a company that would allow me to work with a team to come up with innovative ideas, and then build and be responsible for the execution of those ideas. These qualities resonated with Enova’s core values of “Operate as an Owner” and “Accountable for Results.”

Rohan Agarwal

Northwestern University
I spent my summer as an Analytics Intern for the Portfolio Analytics team working on NetCredit. My specific project involved using natural language processing and topic modeling in order to examine consumer bank statements. The internship was challenging yet exciting — as I had a clear objective as well as the freedom to propose new methods of improving default prediction. Outside of my project, I spent my time talking to several of the more experienced team members to learn more about analytics and decide plans for the future. I've had an amazing experience. I was welcomed with open arms, and the amount of support here is invaluable!

Schuyler Sanderson

University of Chicago
As an intern at Enova, I've been able to work on some really interesting projects. After completing our training — which taught us Ruby on Rails, test-driven development and general best practices — I got to work on a search engine optimization project for NetCredit. Then I worked on a team with other interns to build a code coverage server to use with our automated test suite. I really enjoyed working with other talented developers and practicing agile development.

Sean Connor

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
I had the opportunity to work in the Accounting department at Enova this summer. Through this experience, I was able to work on a variety of projects that included implementing a new accounting system, completing projects for auditors and assisting in the month-end close process. This allowed me to learn a great amount about accounting and the consumer lending industry. I really enjoyed the people I have worked with, and working at Enova overall.