Key Insights from the Newly Released Small Business Cash Flow Trend Report from OnDeck and Ocrolus

In today’s rapidly changing economic climate, resilience isn’t just valuable—it’s essential. The newly released Small Business Cash Flow Trend Report, a first-of-its-kind collaboration between OnDeck and Ocrolus, combines survey results and cash flow data to provide unique insights into the health of small businesses, as well as the challenges and opportunities facing business owners as they operate and grow in today’s economy.

Embracing Opportunities and Optimism in an Inflationary Environment

The report’s findings shed light on the resilience of small businesses operating successfully in an inflationary environment, showcasing that they’re feeling positive about the year ahead, with 92% saying they feel optimistic about growth and their ability to expand. Small businesses are realistic about their challenges—a majority (80%) citing inflation as their chief concern, with 71% of entrepreneurs admitting they are hyper-focused on their cash flow. However, despite high expenses, 70% of small businesses are resourcefully managing with less than four months of operational cash reserves, demonstrating their agility and ability to operate efficiently under tight conditions. 

Cash Flow Data Adds Color to Small Businesses’ Optimism

The report paints a deeper picture of why businesses are feeling hopeful about the next year. In the last 18 months, our research found small businesses have seen a 25% average growth in median revenue. These businesses are not just surviving; they are preparing to thrive, powered by a strong spirit and a clear vision for the future.

The Hiring Hurdle: Navigating Staffing Challenges

While small businesses are optimistic about the future, they recognize the importance of adequate working capital to expand their offerings and hire new employees to grow their business. In addition to managing cash flow, hiring qualified staff is still a challenge for small businesses, with more than half expressing concern over finding qualified employees. The sentiment is more pronounced in major metropolitan areas, where more than 65% of small businesses reported moderate to extreme difficulties finding qualified employees.

Looking Forward: Implications and Opportunities

The Small Business Cash Flow Trend Report draws on feedback from nearly 500 small businesses with working capital loans and over three million small business applications for working capital financing during the past 18 months. As we look ahead, it will offer valuable insights for policymakers, financial institutions and small business owners alike. Small businesses are critical in driving innovation, employment and economic growth. By understanding the challenges and leveraging the insights and opportunities identified in this report, we can create a supportive environment that nurtures growth and ensures lasting success for these businesses.

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