Enova’s Fred Lee Featured in Built in Chicago

257ENOVA_5CTOs_Blog_1c01By: Kaitlin Arntz, Public Affairs
April 1, 2014

With Enova’s focus on the importance of top notch tech, it meant a great deal to all of us when CTO Fred Lee was recognized by Built in Chicago as one of the industry’s key leaders. Last month’s feature as one of the 5 Chicago CTOs you should know cements Fred’s status as a local leader in tech, and digs into the everyday innovations happening on Enova’s tech team.

Understandably, the bulk of the interview deals with issues relevant to the tech and development industry right now, and Fred’s thoughts reveal both the industry’s recent changes and new directions for Enova.

“For us, we’re seeing mobile traffic rise year after year, and it’s significant because it tells us a lot about how customers use our products and our technologies,” says Fred. “From a technology perspective, it’s a real paradigm shift because our technology was built with the basic assumption that our users and customers are sitting at a desktop with a browser open. We are constantly shifting our technology for new devices.”

Insights such as these speak volumes about Fred Lee’s value to Enova, and help us feel confident in our technology and development foundation.

Read the rest of his Q&A here.