Enova is proud to be part of Chicago’s vibrant technology sector. We strive to strengthen the spirit of innovation that helps make this city great.


Enova works on the cutting edge of technology and analytics. And we’re proud to push that edge forward by sponsoring and attending regular technology conferences and speaker events, including:


We also work to foster Chicago’s tech and analytics community through informal meetups and hack nights. These events are open to anyone — not just employees — attracting a diverse group of coders, developers and tech enthusiasts. Events include:

Speaking Engagements

We’ve always been at the forefront of business and technology, and we’re proud to be in a city where we’re not alone. We regularly host events that teach the Chicago business community how to leverage technology to grow. Recent and upcoming events include:

Our experienced team members also travel around the city and throughout the country, sharing their expertise at conferences and speaking events. Recent examples include:

Women in Technology (WiT)

We believe in building a community of equals in the business and technology sector that welcomes women. With that mission in mind, our Women in Technology group has partnered with a variety of organizations to host and participate in hands-on database workshops, tech talks and open hack nights. Some of WiT’s partners include: