Enova’s Analytics team consists of quantitative professionals dedicated to driving business value using cutting-edge techniques. The team is a shared service for the entire company and operates in six core workgroups:

Portfolio Analytics:
The Portfolio Analytics team focuses on building cutting-edge risk, pricing and underwriting models to enhance our lending decisions and improve the profitability of our products. They work closely with our business and product owners and use advanced techniques to optimize the performance of our loan products and operations.

Fraud Analytics:
Analysts on the fraud team use data mining, machine learning and manual investigation techniques to identify and protect against online fraud. They do so by implementing process improvements to current fraud monitoring systems and exploring internal and external data sources for new ways to detect and prevent fraud.

Marketing Analytics:
The Marketing Analytics team focuses on applying statistical analysis and predictive modeling to help our marketing teams acquire and retain customers. They build attribution and marketing mix models to optimize marketing activities and develop automated systems to analyze, measure and predict marketing performance.

Research and Platforms:
The “RAP” team builds and maintains all of our technical tools and platforms. They investigate new analytics methods and data sources, institute best practices within the department and launch new analytic services that support all of our businesses.

Business Intelligence:
Business Intelligence facilitates complex analysis of data through reports, dashboards and data visualization tools while advising and consulting with business stakeholders about trends, insights and methods of analysis.

Data Services:
The Data Services team organizes historical data from multiple internal and external sources and simplifies it into a set of common platforms and presentation layers.